Green Zone


Green Zone

Green Zone

For Vimer, sustainability is always a philosophy of life.

This translates into the many certifications we have, but also in the daily work of research and renewal.

We live in the greenest region of Italy, and this teaches us respect for Nature for the precious goods it gives us and love for the territory.

We try to improve our behaviour every day while respecting a work ethic and people also and especially through quality, hygiene and safety.

This is why we have been an ECOVADIS gold medallist for 2 years now.

We strongly believe that also the manufacturing of the precious product we deal with can particularly contribute to the laying of the foundations for the future.

Luigi Merendelli
Vimer CEO
Certified and Controlled Materials

Certified and Controlled Materials

The commitment continues with the choice and conscious use of raw materials.

For many years we have been eliminating oils from hydrocarbons. All our machines are equipped with oils of natural origin from renewable sources.

We have selected low odour and low migration colours of vegetable origin, organic-certified and antibacterial paints to allow our customers to obtain a truly environmentally friendly product.

We prefer to work with paper mills that guarantee forest chain of custody certification (FSC/PEFC), as well as with innovative production facilities that lower emissions and waste of water and energy.

Emissions and Temperature Control

Emissions and Temperature Control

All business areas are under temperature and humidity control in both Summer and Winter.

This guarantees the stability of the product and a comfortable working environment.

We have tight control over emissions and each air handling unit is equipped with absolute filters.

We are able to calculate the CO2 emitted for each product and act accordingly by preferring raw materials with a low environmental impact and compensating what we emit with direct transport to customers.

Green is the new glam

Green is the new glam

Vimer has always had one of its main objectives to be able to offer its customers articles and processes that respect the environment, following the common sentiment of environmental sustainability.

All this has resulted in the implementation of concrete actions and in obtaining some important certifications as evidence of the company's commitment.

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